Once, is the sixth album of the finnish band Nightwish, which consisted of five members at that point. Tarja Turunen (Vocals), Marco Tapani Hietala (Bass and Vocals), Tuomas Holopainen (Keyboards), Jukka "Julius" Nevalainen (Drums) and Emppu Vuorinen (Guitars).
Other "guest musicians" also particpated when Once was recorded thus adding to the unique and beautiful sound.

The basic version of the album had 11 songs*:

  1. Dark Chest Of Wonders
  2. Wish I Had An Angel
  3. Nemo
  4. Planet Hell
  5. Creek Mary's Blood
  6. The Siren
  7. Dead Gardens
  8. Romanticide
  9. Ghost Love Score
  10. Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan
  11. Higher than hope

But it has also been released in several bonus versions, containing one or more additional tracks. Look here for a selection or feel free to send me versions I haven't listed yet.

Lyrics and information were gathered from the Official Nightwish website and amazon.
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